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A Guide to Verifying Pianos

When it comes to purchasing a second-hand piano in Singapore, especially in Southeast Asian countries, there is a growing concern about authenticity and quality.


Many people have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of buying a piano with falsified serial numbers or model names, only to discover that they have been duped.


This article aims to shed light on the importance of authentic pianos and introduce you to the Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA), which is on a mission to ensure the authenticity and sustained quality of Japan-made used pianos.


Imagine the excitement of bringing a piano into your home, envisioning the beautiful music you'll create, only to be disappointed by its subpar quality and deceptive origin.

Falsified Information: Deceptive sellers alter the serial numbers or model names, making it difficult for buyers to trace the piano's true origin and history.


Hidden Flaws: Inauthentic pianos are more likely to have hidden defects or extensive wear and tear, leaving you with an instrument that doesn't meet your expectations.


Financial Loss: Purchasing a fake or tampered piano can lead to significant financial losses, not to mention the emotional disappointment.


The Japan Used Piano Association's Mission

The Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA) understands the pain points that piano buyers face. Established with a commitment to maintaining the quality and authenticity of Japan-made used pianos, JUPA's mission is clear.

To serve Japan-made used pianos in sustained quality. JUPA provide education and examination to train certified technicians who are eligible to inspect used pianos according to JUPA standards.

Open the top lid of your piano, you can find the serial number on the top right. You may check with JUPA

Additionally, the craftsmanship and expertise involved in these refurbishment processes can vary widely. Some restorers may prioritize quick and economical solutions, potentially compromising on the precision and attention to detail required for a genuine restoration.


As a result, the final product may not meet the same standards of performance and longevity as a piano that has undergone a more meticulous and authentic restoration process.


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