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Masterfully Reconditioned Pianos from Japan


Grading and Local Restoration Efforts from JAPAN

Japanese used piano suppliers categorize pianos into different grades (A, B, and C).  This involves varying degrees of craftsmanship and tuning capabilities to achieve the desired piano sound. 


Inspired by Japanese workmanship, some suppliers go to great lengths, replacing every screw in the piano to give it a remarkably new appearance.

Imported Pianos: A Shift in Preferences

When it comes to buying used or refurbished pianos, brands like Yamaha and Kawai are highly sought after. These major piano manufacturers lack local manufacturing plants in other country. This has led to a shift in preferences, with imported pianos dominating the market. 

Indonesian-Made Pianos

Reflecting on the past 20-30 years, Indonesian-made pianos were not initially impressive in terms of quality and sound. Despite improvements, local buyers still lean towards used Japanese-imported pianos, viewing them as superior to their Indonesian counterparts.

Harmonizing Quality and Value

Choosing a refurbished piano from Japan involves dealing with extra costs like a higher import duty and Japan's skilled craftsmanship expenses.


However, if you're a parent aiming for a top-quality piano for your family, it's worth considering. These pianos might cost a bit more, but the investment ensures a lasting and valuable musical experience.


The refurbishment work is done with care, often using replacement parts from Japan. Trust is essential in this process, and it's crucial to buy from reliable sellers who give clear information about the piano's history.

Rare Treasures: Our supplier Highest Grade Japan-Imported Pianos

At Melodious Piano Boutique, we proudly import the highest Grade A designation, particularly in key components such as the soundboard, actions, pins, and keys.  The workmanship reflects Japanese quality at its peak, with replacement parts sourced directly from Japan. The restoration process is done on a larger scale, incorporating machinery and, in certain aspects, skilled labor.

Product Selector

Refine the possibilities.

JUPA: Guardian of Japan's Piano Craftsmanship

An organization justifying the work done in Japan is the Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA). With a clear mission to ensure sustained quality in Japan-made used pianos, JUPA provides education and examinations to train certified technicians. This ensures that Japan-imported used pianos meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, establishing them as a benchmark in the industry.

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