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Premium Grade A Second Hand Pianos Singapore 


Emphasizing Grade A Piano Selection

Step into Your Melodious Piano Boutique, where tradition meets excellence. We're excited to share our carefully selected, top-quality used pianos with you.


Explore the essence of our premium Grade A collection – your musical journey starts here!

The heart of a piano, our Grade A soundboards resonate with rich, nuanced tones, elevating your musical experience to new heights.


The actions in our Grade A pianos are crafted for responsiveness, allowing for delicate nuances and powerful dynamics in your playing.


Precision-engineered pins contribute to tuning stability, ensuring that your piano maintains its pitch over time.


The keys on our Grade A pianos provide a smooth and comfortable playing experience, allowing you to express yourself effortlessly.


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The Japanese Standard:

A, B, C Ratings

Our Grade A pianos are a testament to precision and excellence. Every detail, from the resonant soundboard to the precision pins and durable keys, undergoes meticulous inspection. Choosing a piano with us is an investment in musical artistry, where each note mirrors our dedication to passion and precision.

Explore the extraordinary – choose Grade A.

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