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Yamaha Piano

Kawai Piano Singapore

U1 Yamaha

Timeless Classic

Yamaha iconic "U" series is a distinguished instrument. Perfect for entry-level beginners until Grade 8 proficiency. 

U3 Yamaha

Professional Choice

For those seeking a premium piano with enhanced features, the Yamaha U3 is an excellent choice, even more exceptional qualities.

YUS Yamaha

Upgrade Version of U1

Inspiring rich sound and well crafted instrument. Ideal for compact spaces and if you're in search of a piano with a pristine crystal sound.

YUX Yamaha

Upgrade Version of U3

The Yamaha YUX upright piano is indeed a remarkable instrument known for its exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality sound.

U10BL Yamaha

Smart Design One Piece of Lid

Upgrade and newer version of U1. Ideal for someone looking for newer age of piano. 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

YUA Yamaha

Large External Music Desk Design

It offers outstanding tone, touch, and durability, representing a notable advancement from the 'X' series. 

UX-3 Yamaha

2nd Generation of 'X' Frame

Improved version of YUX. It features longer bass strings achieved by a curved bridge, enhancing tonal presence.

U30BL Yamaha

Newer Age than U3

Premium action parts. Crystal tone and responsive touch that react with pianist's nuance. 


Ivory-like keys

Great value and attractive design,  ivory piano keys can even make it less likely for the pianist's fingers to slip while playing.

US-63H Kawai

Limited Edition

This is a specially crafted professional performance piano produced by KAWAI in celebration of the company's founder, Mr. Koichi Kawai's 100th birthday.

US-75 Kawai

Grand Piano Design

The defining feature of the US series is its distinctive grand piano design, which is highly popular and renowned for its exceptional appearance and performance.

Our Pianos

Models of Yamaha and Kawai Piano


Yamaha or Kawai Piano

The main difference between Kawai and Yamaha pianos is their sound character. Kawai pianos are often described as warmer and more mellow, while Yamaha pianos tend to have a brighter and clearer tone.


It's like the difference between a cozy, warm feeling (Kawai) and a bright, crisp sound (Yamaha). Both are great, just a matter of personal preference!

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