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In which country is piano reconditioning widely practiced?

In used piano market in Singapore, generally these used pianos are reconditioned in locations like China, Vietnam or Japan.

When considering a used piano, it becomes crucial for buyers to inquire country of piano reconditioning, which reflects the quality of the replacement parts, as well as the level of expertise employed in the process.


This transparency ensures that individuals seeking a piano understand the extent to which it aligns with their expectations in terms of both performance and authenticity.


The challenge arises when replacement parts are sourced from original or non-original manufacturers.

Country Matters

The Impact of Non-Original: Performance, Tone, and Durability

In the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, these refurbished pianos may have components replaced with parts that do not originate from the piano's original manufacturer. This can lead to a departure from the instrument's authentic design and quality standards.


Substituting original components with non-original ones may impact the piano's overall performance, tone, and durability.

Craftsmanship of Piano Restoration

Additionally, the craftsmanship and expertise involved in these refurbishment processes can vary widely. Some restorers may prioritize quick and economical solutions, potentially compromising on the precision and attention to detail required for a genuine restoration.


As a result, the final product may not meet the same standards of performance and longevity as a piano that has undergone a more meticulous and authentic restoration process.

A Symphony of Authentic Restoration

At Melodious Piano Boutique, we emphasis on restoring pianos to their genuine condition through meticulous inspection, cleaning, regulation, polishing, and fine-tuning and all done in Japan.


Replacement parts, when necessary, are sourced exclusively from Japan Used Piano Association (JUPA) Technician.


This commitment to excellence ensures that you experiences the beauty of music on a professionally restored instrument.

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