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  • Limited Edition

  • Grandeur in Design

  • Premium Rosewood Hammers

  • Height: 131cm

  • Width: 154cm

  • Depth: 66cm

US-63H Kawai

Cream Abstract.jpg

Review and Key Features of Kawai Us-63H Upright Piano

Our piano shop in Singapore has had the pleasure of featuring Kawai US-63H pianos, and we are excited to share insights about this exceptional instrument from Kawai's top range of upright grand pianos.

The piano features a commemorative logo on the keyboard cover's upper right corner, specifically designed for this limited edition. The production mark on some models indicates the year 1988 or 1989. The hand finish on the grand stand further emphasizes its prestigious identity.

Limited Edition

Belonging to KAWAI's high-end series, the US series closely emulates the tonal qualities of a grand piano, making it particularly suitable for professional use. The US-63H, produced in 1988, is a limited edition with a spacious music stand design and sound-conductive holes in the panel for optimal sound transmission.

Upright Grand Piano

The KAWAI US series targets a high-end customer base and represents the brand's advanced models. With beautiful and atmospheric design resembling a grand piano, the series offers a melodic and harmonious tone, large music stand, upright keyboard cover, and a design reminiscent of a grand piano. The keys are made of special materials with antibacterial treatment, making them suitable for professional performances.

Grandeur in Design

It boasts KAWAI's premium rosewood hammers for a soft and comfortable touch, responsive and sensitive, earning its reputation as a "upright grand piano. 

Tone and Touch like Grand Piano

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