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  • Upgrade of U3

  • Front Panel venting

  • X-frame at the back

  • Height 131 cm

  • Width 154 cm

  • Depth 66 cm


Cream Abstract.jpg

Review and Key Features of Yamaha UX-3 Upright Piano

Our piano shop in Singapore has had the pleasure of featuring Yamaha UX-3, and we are excited to share insights about this exceptional instrument from Yamaha's top range of upright pianos.

UX-3 stands out as a rare handcrafted rendition of the standard Yamaha U1 model.

Upgrade of U3

The strategically designed front panel venting contributes to an enriched sound projection, providing additional musical fulfillment for the pianist.

Front Panel of Section 

Distinguishing itself with 'X' back bracing, this model ensures enhanced construction stability and improved resonance.

X-frame at the back

This piano is impeccably maintained, showcasing a sweet, clear tone across its entirety.

Clear Tone and Responsive Touch

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