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Image by Michal Czyz

Timeless Classic Yamaha U1

Width 153cm; Height 121cm; Depth 62cm 

Why is the Yamaha U1 so popular?

Yamaha iconic "U" series is a distinguished instrument, renowned for its robust build and rich, resonant tones. Perfect for entry-level beginners, it proves to be a reliable companion that can accompany musicians until Grade 8 proficiency. 

The U1 is known for its bright and resonant sound, enabling pianists to express their emotions with clarity and depth.

Bright and Powerful Tones

Suitable for beginners, this piano is a trustworthy companion that can stay with musicians until they reach an advanced Grade 8 level.


Yamaha pianos, including the U1, tend to retain their value well in the used market. This is a practical consideration for parents who may view the piano as a long-term investment and potential asset.

Resale Value

Feature of U1 Yamaha

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