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Legendary Yamaha YUX With ‘X’ Brace

Width 154cm; Height 131cm; Depth 65cm 

What Makes the YUX Piano Unique?

The Yamaha YUX is a top-tier full-sized upright piano with the same size as the popular U3 model, making it an excellent choice. As an upgraded version of the U3, it showcases exceptional craftsmanship and produces a high-quality crystal-clear sound.

Yamaha's UX series pianos boast an X-shaped support system, making their soundboards 2.5 times more robust, enhancing strength and tonal quality. It has an X-shaped brace at the back; this makes it more stable which some people believe results in a better sound

"Resonance Board" Legacy from Grotrian (1990s)

Yamaha adopted X support from Grotrian, known as the "resonance board." Despite its popularity, production ceased in the late 1990s, making these pianos rare and sought-after globally. 

Rare On A Global Scale

The Yamaha YUX piano offers powerful, detailed sound with excellent tonal depth, resounding bass, and sparkling treble—ideal for passionate intermediate and professional classical musicians.

Precision Sound for Classical Mastery

Features of YUX

Scarce Across the World

The Yamaha YUX piano is made with great care, and its strong maple wood keyboard ensures durability. The keys are smartly connected for smooth and accurate playing, with just the right amount of space between them for easy and stable performance.

Maple Wood Keys

Enjoy amazing sound quality with the Yamaha YUX piano. The hammers, which play a key role in producing tones, are carefully made from strong mahogany. This not only makes them durable but also ensures they can create precise and resonant tones that respond to how hard or soft you play the keys.

Mahogany Hammers

Yamaha introduced advanced technology called V-Pro when making the frame for the Yamaha YUX piano. This technology makes the frame strong, lightweight, and very durable. The YUX piano is better than its older version because its moving parts respond faster and smoother, creating a wider range of strong and subtle sounds.

V-Pro Technology

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