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  • Sostenuto Pedal (Bass Area)

  • Large Music Desk

  • Smart Cover

  • Grand Piano Sound Like

  • Height: 131cm

  • Width: 153cm

  • Depth: 64cm


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Review and Key Features of Yamaha YUA Upright Piano

Our piano shop in Singapore has had the pleasure of featuring Yamaha YUA pianos, and we are excited to share insights about this exceptional instrument from Yamaha's top range of upright pianos.

The Yamaha YUA is a delightful piano known for its superior performance, making it a standout choice in Yamaha's premium lineup of upright pianos.

Premium Model

The middle pedal is called a “sostenuto” pedal which is allows certain notes to be held on whilst the rest of the keys can be played as normal.  This feature is special for upright piano.

Sostenuto Pedal

A spacious music desk not only enhances the aesthetic with a high-class feel. The large music desk, featuring 'windows' at the back, facilitates the escape of sound, adding to its advantages.

Large Music Desk

If you appreciate a mellower sound, rich tones, and light keys, the YUA is the ideal choice for you. This professional piano is constructed to endure a lifetime.

Tone and Touch like Grand Piano

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