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  • Longer Keys

  • Ivory-like keytops called NEOTEX

  • Mirroring Fallboard

  • Height: 131cm

  • Width: 154cm

  • Depth: 65cm

US-6X Kawai

Cream Abstract.jpg

Review and Key Features of Kawai

US-6X Upright Piano

Our piano shop in Singapore has had the pleasure of featuring Kawai US-6X pianos, and we are excited to share insights about this exceptional instrument from Kawai's top range of upright grand pianos.

The piano features 1/8 longer keys, make it easier to play and improved in repetition. 

Longer Keys

It has finger-mirroring fallboard, mimicking the look of a grand piano cabinetry. Pianist is able to see the direct reflection while playing. 

Mirroring Fallboaard

This can be attributed to its combination of value and aesthetic excellence, along with its capacity to absorb perspiration from the fingers. In contrast to plastic keys, ivory piano keys can also contribute to minimizing the risk of the pianist's fingers slipping during play. That's why the manufacturers aim to replicate the qualities of ivory keys in the production of the US-6X.

Ivory-like keys

Featuring a finger-mirroring fallboard that emulates the appearance of grand piano cabinetry, the pianist can observe a direct reflection while playing.

Tone and Touch like Grand Piano

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