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The World's Grandest Upright YUS

Width 152cm; Height 121cm; Depth 62cm 

In What Way Is the YUS Piano Special?

YUS Series pianos share many features with Yamaha’s Flagship CF Series grand pianos. From hand-wound German strings and concert quality hammer felt, to meticulous voicing and regulation that brings out a range of colors more reminiscent of a grand piano than a traditional upright. They're quite simply the grandest sounding uprights available.

The Finest Wood

The YUS piano soundboards are crafted from the finest ten percent of solid spruce globally, meticulously chosen at Yamaha's Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan. These soundboards feature reinforced crowns with full-length solid spruce ribs, resulting in a sophisticated and dynamic tone that meets the expectations of a grand piano.

Hand-Wound European Bass Strings

Yamaha artisans wind each bass string by hand to the exacting standards and sound profile of every YUS piano at their factory in Kakegawa, Japan.

Concert Quality Hammer Felt

Yamaha took everything that they learned from crafting the hammers of their flagship CFX concert grand and redesigned the hammers of the YUS to bring out powerful, nuanced tones on an upright piano.

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