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Piano Maintenance Tips

Preserving the longevity of your piano is an art, and we've crafted a guide that marries professionalism with simplicity, just for you. Elevate the charm of your second-hand piano through thoughtful maintenance practices, ensuring it stays in optimal playing condition.

Keep the piano heater activated 24/7 for a stable room temperature. Drastic weather changes in Singapore can impact the wood, so let's shield it from unnecessary expansions or contractions.

Consistent Temperature Control

Strategic Placement

Shield your piano from direct sunlight and excessive humidity. Find the perfect spot that's well-ventilated, away from windows and potential moisture sources.

Keep the melody alive with regular tuning sessions. Schedule a visit from a seasoned professional piano tuner in Singapore at least once or twice a year for a harmonious and precise musical experience.

Regular Tuning Sessions

Humidity Control Measures

Implement dehumidifiers or humidifiers to protect your piano from excessive moisture. This proactive step ensures the stability of your instrument, contributing to its overall resilience.

By embracing these maintenance strategies, you fortify the resilience and enduring charm of your second-hand piano. Let these professional tips be your guide, ensuring your instrument not only stands the test of time but also continues to resonate with musical brilliance.

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