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  • Upgrade of Yamaha U1

  • Newer Age than U1

  • Height 121 cm

  • Width 153 cm

  • Depth 62 cm



Cream Abstract.jpg

Review and Key Features of Yamaha U10BL Upright Piano

Our piano shop in Singapore has had the pleasure of featuring Yamaha U10BL, and we are excited to share insights about this exceptional instrument. 

Premium action parts: Upgraded Yamaha materials used in the construction of the action.

Upgrade of U10BL

Notice there is no lock and the side arms are thinner. 
Smart design with one piece lid on top.

Cabinet Design

This piano is impeccably maintained, showcasing a clear tone and the touch sensitivity of this piano is so finely tuned that it effortlessly responds to the pianist's every nuance. 

Crystal Tone and Responsive Touch

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